2019, After the Fall of New York is an Italian post-apocalyptic movie released in 1983. Ania (played by Anna Kanakis) is second-in-command at Eurak headquarters, which controls a post-apocalyptic New York. The hero, who works for organisation opposing the tyrannical Eurak, is captured. Ania tries to seduce him, promsing to spare his life. He tells her that the world's only remaining fertile woman, who is sought by Eurak, has been captured along with him. Ania orders him to identify her. Although the hero appears to be cooperating he deceives Ania for he seeks to escape along with a spy and the woman. Ania's boss is blinded by one of the rebels; however, he survives. Ania tries to recapture the rebels but fails. Later she promises her boss she would capture the rebels before his sight is restored; however, she fails once more. The boss threatens to have Ania executed, whereupon she kils him and his nurse. Eurak's headquarters are eventually attacked by the rebel organisation. It is not clear whether Ania has survived or not.

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