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Etsuko Yamanobe (山野辺悦子) is the sociopathic protagonist of the 2004 original video animation Foxy Nudes, also known as Hana no Joshi Ana: Newscaster Etsuko (花の女子アナ ニュースキャスター・悦子). A highly perverted newswoman, she takes advantage of a serious hostage situation in order to create a ratings smash which ultimately brings her fame and fortune in the process.

Near the start of the story, Etsuko learns that a man named Damesuke Marude has taken his former boss's daughter, Mayumi Wakabayashi, hostage after being fired earlier that day. She then focuses her efforts on turning the scene into a far more intense and exciting news spectacle, mainly, by encouraging Damesuke to sexually violate and degrade his terrified hostage in front of the millions of viewers.

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When a clumsy security unit marksman hired by the newscaster accidentaly shoots and kills Mayumi while trying to instead hit her captor, Etsuko immediately disarms and restrains Damesuke, displaying skills that prove she could have easily rescued the girl from the very beginning if she really wanted to. The murder is pinned on Damesuke, and Etsuko receives a promotion due to the "heroism" that she displayed. Completely without remorse for all she had done to earn it, she decides to celebrate by having sex with her cameraman.

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