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Etra (Busty Heart) is a bodyguard and assassin who can be seen in the unrated version of Sacha Baron Cohen's 2012 movie "The Dictator". Busty Heart is known for her enormous breasts, which she used to crush watermelons, beer cans, and other objects during her tv appearances on "The Man Show", "America's Got Talent" and other venues for showing off unusual and titillating skills. 

Etra's Appearance:Edit

Etra is a member of Aladeen's, the titular Dictator's, "Virgin Guard", roughly modelled after Muammar Gaddafi's "Amazonian Guard". We get a few glimpses of Etra as a part of a montage - while other guards break bricks with karate chops, Etra uses her tits to do the same. She also remains unfazed after a plywood 2x4 is broken against her chest.

Assassination Attempt:Edit

After Aladeen takes a trip to America, his evil uncle Tamir (played by Ben Kingsley) attempts to have him killed. A series of contrived coincidences leaves him stranded in New York, without his famous beard, and sleeping in the back room of a grocery shop. Once Tamir finds out that Aladeen is still alive, he sends Etra to finish him off.

Etra breaks into the store in the middle of the night, waking Aladeen up. As he goes to investigate, she appears behind him, unzips her top to have easy access to her weapons, and quickly pummels him with several boob strikes. Aladeen responds: "Etra, is this because you're the only virgin guard that I left a virgin?"

In response, Etra bears one breast completely (possibly the first time Busty Heart actually showed her naked breasts on film) and battles Aladeen across the store, smashing watermelons and produce. Eventually, Aladeen manages to briefly get away and lock a door between himself and Etra - only for her to bare both breasts and use them to batter the door down.

Aladeen is pumelled by her punching bags in a series of loving closeups, until she finally attempts to suffocate him by covering his face with her breasts (Sacha Baron Cohen vailantly submitted to both the pumelling and the suffocation, instead of having a stuntman take the brunt of the action). Eventually, Aladeen's flailing manages to knock Etra backwards into a nearby tub of water, knocking her out. Despite some very obvious reasons, she doesn't float back to the surface. As Aladeen watches intently, some bubbles float up and then stop, indicating Etra's demise, followed by a notebook which specifies exactly who was behind the assassination attempt. Aladeen provides a fitting eulogy: "One, two... Bloop. Text book." 

The Dictator Allison Burgers vs Etra Scene-0

The Dictator Allison Burgers vs Etra Scene-0

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