Etain is the villainess of the 14th issue of De Rode Ridder (1963). She is the lady of the gloomy castle of Taran in western Ireland where she lives with her aggressive brother Balor. She can not be recognized when disguised as the witch Fianola.

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Together with her brother, Balor, Etain manages the Castle of Taran. When a ship is in trouble during a severe storm, they lure it to the cliffs and take the valuables the day after. She disguises herself as Finola the witch, the mistress of eagles, who terrorizes dwarf people.

She receives the Red Knight when he manages to reach the castle. She leads him around the domain from the castle tower and spends the evening with a game of chess. Later, Johan and the dwarfs are fighting the battle with the witch Finola and her eagles and knights. When Alva, one of the dwarf women, is kidnapped, they send a message to Etain for help. Meanwhile, he and Bov are already on their way to liberate Alva. They penetrate to the underground lair of Finola, where Balor appears to be the chief of her minions. After slaying the evil knights, Johan chases him through a secret corridor and eventually finds himself in Balor's room in the Castle Taran.

When he penetrates further into the castle he comes upon Etain. He tells the lady the whole story. Grieving at her brother's actions, she claims her intention to leave the country. Etain offers the Red Knight the treasure that her brother has collected and proposes to start a new life with him in his home country. However, Bov turns up with the message that Balor has died, but in his last moments confessed that Etain was in the whole conspiracy and actually is Finola the witch. Upon hearing this accusation, she tries to flee down the castle wall via an ivy. However, the plant can not carry her, and with a fall, the mistress of eagles is killed.

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