Erika Daninsky

The evil Erika Daninsky

Erika Daninsky (Pilar Zorrilla) was the secondary villainess from 1972's Fury of the Wolfman. She was the wife of cursed werewolf Waldemar Daninsky, though she was discovered to be cheating on him in the film. Erika and her lover are both killed by Waldemar in his werewolf form, but he ends up killed by Dr. Ilona Ehrmann, the film's main villainess.

Both Erika and Waldemar are revived by Ehrmann, with Erika's revival coming as a shock to Waldemar. She was revived with the werewolf curse passed to her due to her husband biting her, and much to Waldemar's horror, the evil Erika transformed into a werewolf. Ehrmann decided to force the lycanthropic couple to fight each other; a fight that began after Werewolf Erika went after Waldemar's girlfriend. The battle ends with Erika killed once again when Waldemar bites her throat.


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