Erica Chan

Villainous terrorist Erica Chan

Erica Chan (Victoria Park) is the main villainess from "404: Flight Not Found," episode 2.11 of CSI: Cyber (airdate January 10, 2016). She is a member of the notorious Chinese Triad.

Some time ago, the Triad committed a murder that was witnessed by Rebecca Taylor, a college volleyball player, leading to her family being placed in Witness Protection. Erica was enlisted by the Triad to kill Rebecca, beginning with getting her location. She managed to trick a U.S. Marshal into revealing that Rebecca was on a flight heading home with the rest of the team, and this was followed by the villainess getting onto Flight 272 (Rebecca's flight) and hacking the plane, putting it out of clear sight.

Shortly afterwards, the evil Erica drugged and incapacitated the Marshal, Irvin Minkler, but she had one problem: she could not find or identify Rebecca. Avery Ryan and her crew sensed this when they saw that the plane hadn't landed yet, which meant she was still searching for the witness. She resorted to shutting down the engines and sending the plane heading into a tailspin, which would kill everyone, herself included. After Avery sent a message to Erica, the deranged terrorist demanded the name of the witness, stating that either she dies or everyone on the flight does. With the help of Artie Sneed (who worked on a case earlier in the season), the pilots undid Erica's planned mass murder, and she was later subdued and arrested on the plane.

Trivia Edit

  • Victoria Park later appeared as the evil Adele Meyerson on Proven Innocent.
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