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Erica (Rena Riffel) is the main villainess in Chained Heat 3: Dark Confessions. Erica is in the business of finding pretty young women to sexually enslave Two young women on a vacation in Europe get snagged by a dirty cop . They end up in a private club where the wealthy come to bid at high priced auctions for companions
Rena Riffel as Villainess Erica

Rena Riffel as Villainess Erica

After she has main protagonist, Angeline strapped to a chair and drugged. Erica tells her how shes been framed for the murder of the other cop. In a dream turned nightmare Angeline manages to break free as Erica attempts to sexually seduce her and manages to push her away into a wall knocking her out cold.  After she escapes she comes home to find her lover in bed with Erica.  Once she wakes up Erica leaves her locked away in the basment.

After she succeeds in selling off her two captives Angeline thinks shes free only to find her lover murdered by Erica. In the end of film she wakes up back strapped in chair again as Erica Taunts her and explains how shes framed her again.
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