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Emma Steel (Krystle Martin) is a spy in the 2012 episode "Operation: Live to Die Another Day" (episode 20) for the action comedy web series "The Adventures of Superseven", which appeared on YouTube from 2011-2015.

In the episode, we see T.H.E.Y. agent Emma Steel creeping in an alley carrying a briefcase that contains the Secret Spectrographic Oscilloscope..  All of the sudden she is attacked by two enemy agents.  A fight ensues, and Emma is able to use her superior fighting skills to good use, and knocks both thugs out.

Hearing a honk form a parked sportscar, she runs toward her contact and gets in.  The driver is Sandra West, who asks Emma if she had any trouble.  Emma responds "a little, but I got it".  Sandra then pulls up her right hand which is covered in a red metalic glove.  She uses it to strangle Emma as an electrical current zaps her until she is dead.

Once eliminated, Sandra calmly drives away, as the two thugs watch.  They both acknowledge that Emma walked right into their trap, suggesting that they allowed her to escape.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Krystle Martin appeared as one of the four Stilettos in the 2012 episode "The Captive" in the action comedy web series "The Adventure of Superseven".

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