Emma Spevak

Psychotic murderer Emma Spevak

Emma Spevak (Jane Krakowski) is the hidden villainess of "Bound", episode 5.23 of Law & Order: SVU (airdate May 4, 2004).

As a child, Emma developed a hatred for her mother Margaret, who treated her as a servant and openly favored her twin brother Matt to her. She also grew a similar hate for Matt as well, who also ordered her around and forced her to work as a nurse and secretary at the home nursing company he ran. As a result, Emma killed her mother by injecting her with air, giving her an embolism that appeared to be a stroke. She then went on to murder several of Matt's patients that she viewed as being just like her mother, doing so by strangling them with climbing rope (her brother being an avid rock climber).

The SVU detectives initially believed Matt was the killer, mainly due to Emma's weapon of choice and the fact that Matt was listed in the wills of all of Emma's victims. But as the detectives prepared to apprehend Matt, Emma murdered Vivian Calas (another of Matt's patients) in the same fashion she'd killed her mother. She then called Matt and lured him to Vivian's apartment, where she shot him dead and staged the scene to look like Matt had attempted to kill Vivian and she shot him in self-defense before dying of a fright-induced stroke. She also strangled herself to make it look like Matt had attacked her.

Emma was revealed as the true killer when the forensics proved that Matt had been dead by the time Emma called 911 to report his attack on her. Emma was brought in for questioning, and Benson and Stabler put on an act of Stabler being verbally abusive and controlling of Benson to goad Emma into a confession. The scheme worked, with Emma opening up about her past and revealing that she believed she was setting other women like her free by killing Matt's patients. Emma was presumably arrested off-screen.

Trivia Edit

  • Jane Krakowski also appeared in The Dixie Chicks' music video, Goodbye Earl, as villainous conspirator Wanda.
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