Psychotic murderer Emily

Emily (Emily Hinkle) is a villainess from Lockdown, a short film from Chroniker Productions (released on May 16, 2014). She was a high school student who was introduced talking with her friends in the schoolyard, revealing to them how she was creeped out by new transfer student Andrew.

Later on, Emily was in computer class with her friend Summer when a lockdown was suddenly announced. As their teacher Ms. Finley went to check her email and see whether or not the lockdown was a drill, however, the power suddenly went out, during which time Summer was fatally stabbed with a pair of scissors. Emily quickly tended to her deceased friend, while also angrily accusing Andrew of killing Summer and blasting classmate Aidan for recording the events.

Later on, as the students waited for the lockdown to end, Jamin attempted to move Summer's body, having grown uncomfortable looking at her. It was then that Emily grabbed a pair of scissors and demanded Jamin not to touch Summer, only for him to ignore her demand. Emily turned heel when she suddenly stabbed Jamin in the abdomen, killing him. She also stabbed Andrew when he confronted her and used the scissors to hold off the rest of her classmates, with the film ending as Ms. Finley (Summer's killer) watched with a satisfied look as her classroom went into chaos, leaving Emily's fate unknown.


Lockdown (Original Horror Short Film)

Lockdown (Original Horror Short Film)

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