The psychotic Emily

Emily (Emmy Newman) is the villainess of the 2017 short horror film, 325 Sycamore Lane (release date April 21, 2017). She was a young woman who Barry (the film's protagonist) encountered while driving late at night, nearly striking her as she was walking down the middle of the road. Barry (taken by Emily's looks) decided to give her a ride, and Emily directed him to her grandmother's house on 325 Sycamore Lane.

During the drive, Emily displayed a childlike demeanor, stating that she didn't drive and that she wasn't "old enough" to be married, while also telling Barry that he was handsome and reminded her of her brother. When Emily turned on the radio and an old song began playing, Emily claimed that the song just came out. At one point during the drive, Barry stopped to get gas, only to return to his car to find Emily gone.

Despite this, Barry went to the home of Emily's grandmother to see if she returned home safely, only for her grandmother Martha to angrily tell Barry to leave. Barry left the house after giving Martha his phone number for Emily to call him, with Martha soon afterwards calling Barry as he was driving home. It was then that Martha informed Barry that she believed someone was pranking him, revealing that she had "lost Emily" ten years prior. At that, Barry remembered hearing about the "Ghost Hitchhiker" legend and believed that Emily was a ghost. But at that, Martha revealed Emily's true nature: she had killed her brother ten years prior, and was subsequently sent to a sanatorium. As Barry took in the news, the evil Emily rose up from the back seat of the car and grinned at Barry, most likely killing him after the film ended.

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325 Sycamore Lane - Award Winning Urban Legend Horror Short (2017)

325 Sycamore Lane - Award Winning Urban Legend Horror Short (2017)

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