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Elsinor Bozhidarova (Biliana Petrinska) is the main villainess in the 2004 Bulgarian family TV movie "Legend of the White Boar".  The film is known in Bulgaria as "Legenda Za Beliya Gligan".

A childrens camp set up for obesity on the banks of the Danube River is the site for a great discovery.  The children are being used for slave labor in order to find an archeological site related to a legend of a White Boar.

Elsinor Bozhidarova shows up with her partner Box Aapos (Emil Kotev) in order to find it.  It is later learned that Elsinor is one of the bosses of a treacherty mafia, and goes by the nickname of Mesalina.  She is a greedy treasure hunter who is posing as an archeologist.

The Chief Doctor is at once decieved by Elsinor and allows her to use the children for slave labor to uncover clues to the legend.  The Doctor's Nurse Denitsa (Daniela Krusteva) is at once jealous of the attention that Elsinor receives from everyone at the camp.

While the children are digging in the dirt, Elsinor takes the time to sunbathe by laying on her stomach and unsnapping her bikini top.  When a discovery takes place, she immediately pops up and runs to the site.  However, when she got up, her top remained on the towel, and she revealed her big boobs to the whole camp.  She was humiliated and at once grabbed her boobs to conceal herself.

An ancient Roman mosaic was revealed by the digging, and Elsinor and her partner Dai Angel attempted to decipher it.  Elsinor's grandfather had been on a previous dig that had orginially uncovered the mosaic.  However, the mosaic had been sabotaged in order to hide the whereabouts of the treasure.  Therefore, they were unable to figure it out.

Three of the boys began to figure out that Elsinor was up to no good.  At the same time, they began talking to an old local man named Bai Angel (Ivan Dzhambazov), who revealed to the them the legend of the White Boar.

When Elsinor figured out that the boys were obtaining information she needed, she had them tailed to the old man.  She kidnapped the boys and placed them in chains, and then interrogated the man.  He refused to give her information, so she threatened to torture one of the boys.  Finally, she was able to get him to coopperate.

At the dig site, they began digging a whole to revealed a large chest of gold and gold treasure.  As they were digging, the ground began to shake, boulders began to roll down the mountain side, wind began to blow, it began to rain, and a freaky monster sound was heard.  The hole where Elsinor and her partner were digging began to fill up with water, and the rest of the boys removed the ladder trapping them inside the pit.

The police cars arrived, and that next morning a reporter showed up.  It was learned that Elsinor was a member and boss of a mafia.  She is led handcuffed into the back seat of a police car along with her partner.  While inside, the rest of the group is privy to the White Boar at the entrance of the cave and then it disappears.


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