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Elsa Granhiert was an assassin working together with Meili for a Gusteko affiliated organization until her death in the animation Re:Zero. She is bloodthirsty, battle hungry, highly sadistic, and extremely cruel, ruthless, psychotic violent, and reckless.


Skilled Assassin: Elsa is skilled as an assassin, being able to overwhelm opponents such as Rom and Frederica. However, she was unable to assassinate Cecilus, and according to Meili she would be unable to kill "Mama".

Equipment: Elsa wields kukri knives and throwing knives which she uses in combat. She keeps spares inside of her clothes in case she needs them.

Blessing: Elsa refers to her immortality as blessing, though it is officially called curse doll . It is a curse which involves the user carving a curse mark that includes the information of the target they want to kill on someone, and upon activation, the person with the curse mark gains immortality, but as a cost they lose their sense of self and can't do anything else but kill the target and they die when the target is killed. Also, there seems to be a limit on the immortality. However, there's supposedly a way to cast the curse without the person losing their sense of self, which is what happened to Elsa, though repeatedly dying turned her into a curse doll. People who become curse dolls are mistakenly referred to as vampires due to a curse doll once drinking blood in an attempt to die.

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