Ellen is an uncredited yet important antagonist in the 1965 episode ‘Operation Long Shadows’ of the TV series Amos Burke: Secret Agent. She is a henchwoman who seduces Ahmed Bassa, the son of an English ambassador in order to kidnap him.

She first appears on top of the Eiffel Tower kissing Ahmed, who is a 19 year-old. He tries to marry her, but she disagrees, telling him that he is not yet 21. Then her allies appear and knock Ahmed out. Ellen then callously states: ‘He promised me a diamond ring. Can you do better?’ She is betrayed and thrown off the Eiffel Tower, dying on impact. Her death is calmly watched by future redeemed antagonist Countess Anne-Marie Mouton (Antoinette Bower)

It is later revealed that she has a sister named Claire (Francesca Bellini), who also becomes the victim of assassins. It is also later revealed that her name is Ellen, as she is unnamed in her only scene.

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