Elizabeth Keating

Evil parole officer Elizabeth Keating

Elizabeth Keating (Emily Swallow) is the hidden main villainess from "Built for Speed," episode 4.10 of Rizzoli & Isles (airdate August 27, 2013). She is a parole officer who had street racer Alberto Santana as one of her parolees.

Other than her duties as a parole officer, Keating was also a drug dealer; in fact, she was the head of the biggest meth ring in Boston. She had a number of her parolees working for her, one of them being Jorge Vega, who Alberto suspected when he found a hidden transport in one of his cars. Alberto reported his discovery to Keating, only for the villainess to later collude with Jorge to kill Alberto to keep her lucrative drug business going. Jorge placed a propane bomb in Alberto's engine before the latest street race, and after the race began, the evil Keating detonated the bomb, killing Alberto.

After Jorge was arrested as part of Lt. Det. Rafael Martinez's drug bust, details of Keating's true role began to be revealed. Following the discovery that Keating was the parole officer for Alberto and Jorge (among others), Jane Rizzoli met Keating at her mother, Angela's, shop, with Keating responding to Angela's comment about her tan by stating that she went on vacation in the Mediterranean. After Keating was taken to the police station, it was revealed that Keating's tan was due to going to Mexico to release her parolees/henchmen, and her role in Alberto's murder was revealed in a simulation conducted by Maura Isles, as her keychain was the device she used to detonate the bomb. Keating was handcuffed and arrested by Jane, but not before she demanded a lawyer.


  • Emily Swallow is best known for playing main villainess Amara during Season Eleven of Supernatural, and she later appeared on Beauty and the Beast as the evil Belinda Zalman.
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