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Elizabeth Bathory (Michelle Bauer) is the secondary antagonist of the 2004 erotic horror movie "Tomb Of the Werewolf".  It was later known as "The Unliving".

A TV crew makes its way to Castle Daninsky in search of a story.  The castle is rumored to possess a secret treasure hidden within its walls, but ultimately death is all they find as the eternal Countess Elizabeth Bathory seeks to sacrifice them in order to please the Lord of Darkness, bathe in their blood, and revive Daninsky (Paul Naschy) from his tomb. At the end of the film, she gets in a struggle with Amanda (Stephanie Bentley) in which the amulet around Elizabeth's neck is ripped off.  As a result, Elizabeth's eyes begin to glow and bolts of electricity shoot out of them zapping her hands.  Finally, she explodes and her body disappears in a cloud of smoke.


  • Michelle Bauer appeared as Mercedes in the 1988 comedy horror film "Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers".


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