Elizabeth Muzan
Elizabeth Bathory
 (エルゼベート・バートリ) is the main character of the 1998 PC visual novel game "Muzan: Chi Niku no Ikenie" (無惨 ~血肉の生贄~) by Hervest.

The protagonist for 90% of the game, Elizabeth lures fifteen young women to her mansion. She then proceeds to rape and torture them, before finally group-sacrificing them to a large demon in exhange for perpetual youth and longevity.

In the game's final chapter, the player controls a young man who travels to the mansion to slay Elizabeth. The jokes on him, however, as after the credits finish rolling, the woman springs back to life and murders him; proving that the ritual had succeeded.


Advancing on one of the women.


At the demon summoning ceremony.


Now immortal...


Surprise attack on the hero.

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