Eliza Templeton

DVD cover for Spooksville

Eliza Templeton was an unseen villainess mentioned in "The Wicked Cat", episode 1.09 of The Hub Network's Spooksville (airdate December 7, 2013). She was the great-granddaughter of Madeline Templeton, an infamously powerful witch.

The episode's current events revealed that the long deceased Eliza had a connection to the episode's main villainess, Daniela: she had been Daniela's friend growing up, back when Daniela went by her birth name Adaline. When Adaline fell in love with a village boy, Eliza became immensely jealous and attempted to use the dark magic she inherited from her great-grandmother to earn the boy's affections.

When her wicked plan failed, Eliza resorted to tricking Adaline into becoming her "familiar"; transforming her into a cat forced by Eliza's dark magic to do her bidding. The evil Eliza also left Adaline's boyfriend chained up inside a cave, leaving him to die while Adaline (still in her cat form) stayed hidden in the cave for decades. It was left unknown as to whether or not Eliza's sinister deeds were uncovered or if she faced punishment for them.

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