The evil Electra

Electra, played by Shannon Tweed, is a character in the 1996 Shannon Tweed erotic Sci-Fi movie Electra.

She is a super-powerful villainess with various powers. Her powers include super-strength, transformational abilities and the ability to shoot lightning from her fingers. She wears a PVC teddy with ankle boots and stockings which give the appearance of thigh-boots.

Role in Movie Edit

She starts off as Lorna Duncan, the stepmother of the hero, who secretly lusts after him. She is captured by the villain's two leather-clad henchwomen, Karen and Gina, and is encouraged to embrace her inner lust and evil. She casts off her inhibitions and joins the villain, helping him capture the hero and obtain the super-serum. After "extracting" (cough cough) the super-serum from the hero she is transformed into super-powerful villainess, Electra. She uses her lightning finger powers on the hero, easily defeating him, but is interrupted by the hero's girlfriend. Later she fights the hero again and again defeats him, making him beg for his life while helpless and on his knees. Unfortunately she is tricked and swallows one of the hero's super-pills and explodes. Somehow she is resurrected at the end, leaving the door open for a sequel (which was never made).

Electra's final fight and explosive demise: In the out-takes, there is an unused close-up of her angrily saying "Kneel down and beg to Electra!".

Trivia Edit

  • Shannon Tweed also appeared on Married...With Children as a villainous version of herself, as well as Republic of Doyle as the evil Frances Lemont.
  • Shannon Tweed is known for starring in many erotic thriller movies such as: Scorned, Illicit Dreams, Naked Lies, Forbidden Sins and Human Desires.
  • Shannon Tweed is also known for being married to famous musician, singer, songwriter, record producer, entrepreneur, actor, author, and television personality Gene Simmons.

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