Eleanor Whitehall

The evil Eleanor Whitehall

Eleanor Whitehall (Heather Ankeny) is the villainess of "Heirlooms", episode 1.04 of Battle Creek (airdate March 22, 2015). She was the sister of Robert Whitehall and both siblings were the children of the wealthy Miles Whitehall, who died of a heart attack prior to the episode's events.

After his death, Eleanor and Robert learned from their father's will of a secret: they had a half-sister, prostitute Donna Thomas, and their father's will stated that the three would share his estate. But the siblings, not wanting to share their inheritance with Donna, plotted to kill Donna to prevent her from taking her share of inheritance. The two went to Donna's apartment, using a dog to lure Donna into inviting them in before one of the evil siblings stabbed Donna to death.

Donna's death was ultimately traced back to Miles Whitehall, as her young son Max had been present when Miles visited Donna and recognized his portrait when Milt Chamberlain and Russ Agnew investigated the AA center Donna attended. While Miles' death was initially also believed to be a murder via poison, his heart attack was eventually attributed to natural causes. After realizing that Donna's visits with Miles coincided with Max's visits to Donna, Russ and Milt realized Donna's connection to Miles and the fact that Eleanor and Robert killed her after realizing that they would have to share their inheritance with her. After Milt and Russ confronted Eleanor and Robert in interrogation, with the latter blasting the two for being spoiled and greedy, the two left after Russ gave them the choice of either leaving or confessing to their crimes.

Russ and Milt later returned to the Whitehall residence with a search warrant, with the pair finding that the evil siblings had been burning the clothes they wore during Donna's murder in the fireplace. While Robert initially boasted that the police wouldn't be able to find any DNA evidence on the clothes, Russ informed them that a jury would see them burning their clothing as an admission of guilt. Cornered, Eleanor and Robert attempted to flee the house, only to be confronted outside by Russ and Milt's fellow armed officers (Aaron Funkhauser, Fontanelle White, and Erin Jacocks). Eleanor and Robert were then arrested (off-screen) for Donna's murder.

Trivia Edit

  • Eleanor Whitehall is the first true villainess of Battle Creek.
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