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The evil Eleanor Brown

Eleanor Brown (Maria Ricossa) is the hidden main villainess from "The P.I. Code," episode 2.06 of Private Eyes (airdate June 29, 2017). She was the boss of Kyle Blanton, whose wife, Nancy, was on trial for his murder.

Eleanor was shown testifying about Kyle and Nancy's marriage, stating that Kyle had two marriages: one to Nancy and one to his job. Though she stated that Nancy understood, Eleanor revealed that on the night of Kyle's murder, she heard them fighting, while also claiming that Kyle wanted the name of Eleanor's divorce lawyer. Matt Shade and Angie Everett, who were hired by prosecutor Melanie Parker regarding jury tampering, encountered Eleanor after they learned about Kyle having an affair with his assistant, Sadie Tufts, with Eleanor revealing that Sadie was fired by Kyle--while not disclosing much else.

Sadie's affair and firing made her a possible new suspect in Kyle's murder, though as the episode progressed, it turned out that Eleanor was Kyle's killer. As revealed by disgraced P.I. Norm Glinski, Eleanor was running a Ponzi scheme, as the stocks that Kyle was peddling were phony. Kyle ended up broke due to transferring his own money into company bonds, and it was sometime shortly before his death that he found out about his boss' scheme. The call to Eleanor was regarding his transactions, and it was after she arrived at the Blanton home that she revealed that the portfolios were fake, angering Kyle, who demanded payment from Eleanor. Kyle shouted to Eleanor that she would get his money "over my dead body," and shortly afterwards, the evil Eleanor stabbed Kyle to death.

Eleanor left Nancy to be accused of her husband's murder, and her claims of the couple fighting were made to hide her heel persona and make Nancy look even more guilty. The episode's climax saw Angie and Matt looking inside the trunk of Eleanor's car, where Kyle's blood was found inside; all the while, Eleanor was attending Nancy's trial. Just as the verdict was being read, the duo returned and showed the evidence to Melanie, who later stated that she could no longer prosecute against Nancy due to the discovery. Eleanor's attempt to escape was thwarted by Melanie, and after this, Eleanor was arrested for her crimes (off-screen).