Elana Connell

Abusive villainess Elana Connell

Elana Connell (Deborah Grover) was a villainess from the 2016 Lifetime film Mommy's Little Girl (alternately titled Mommy's Little Murderer; airdate March 19, 2016). She was the socially conservative grandmother of 11-year-old Sadie Connell (the film's primary antagonist)

Elana's son, Kyle, had Sadie with his girlfriend Theresa, and it was over a year after Sadie’s birth that he died in a car accident, with Elana describing herself as having “barely enough money” to pay for Kyle's funeral. She and her husband Warren then took custody of Sadie from Theresa, who had become addicted to drugs and was also “in and out of rehab,” attempting to gain sobriety.

For the next decade, the villainess (along with Warren) was abusive towards Sadie, being a strict authoritarian who frequently accused Sadie of being inherently evil. This is proven when Elana repeatedly “reminded” Sadie that if she were to “follow temptation,” she would get what she deserved. Three years after recovering from her addiction, Theresa drove to Elana’s residence and insisted on having Sadie come to live with her. Elana was initially unwilling to let this happen, citing that her daughter was “three years sober“ while she, on the other hand, had raised Sadie ”for the last ten years.” However, both Elana and Theresa agreed that the former could come visit the latter’s house at any time. Before Sadie left, Elana coldly warned her not to tell Theresa about her abuse.

Later on, Elana paid a visit to Sadie at her mother's house, acting as though she was joyous to see her. However, while she hugged Sadie, the evil Elana taunted her granddaughter by saying that she could supposedly tell that Theresa was growing tired of her. Elana then joined Sadie and Theresa on a trip to the park, where she tried to get Theresa to give her money in exchange for having taken care of Sadie during her time in rehab. Not wanting her grandmother to take her away, Sadie had Elana go off into the forest with her to play hide and seek and then lured her further out with the promise to tell her a secret about Theresa's husband, Aaron. When Elana was standing on the edge of a steep embankment, Sadie rushed up behind Elana and pushed her, sending her evil grandmother falling to her death.

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