Egyptian gladiatrices are scrapped zakos that were supposed to appear in the 2003 hack and slash game for the XBOX, PS2 and Wndows PC, Gladiator: Sword of Vengeance. They are gladiatrices from Ancient Egypt, specializing in combat using three-pronged spears and acrobatic moves, hired by the emperor Arruntius to

Egyptian gladiatrix

get rid of the rebelling gladiator Invictus Thrax. They appear as mature women with shoulder-length black hime-cut hair, light tanned skin and an athletic physique with mid-sized breasts and hieroglyphs tattooed on their legs. They wear a brown bikini armor and a pair of golden Egyptian boots, as well as a small waist pouch, a green snake bracelet, golden necklace, a leg holster on their left thighs and a leather wristband on their left arms. Some of them wear golden helmets as well

They're only known from early screenshots, some trailers, as well as old concept arts and character sheets. Before the game was released, for a mysterious reason the gladiatrices were removed from the game altogether. Possible reasons of her being removed maybe due to historical innacuracies, time restraints or possibly to avoid getting caught in a controversy for depicting women in gladiatorial events getting sliced and diced, as the game was known for its bloody finishing moves where Thrax slices and dices his enemies with his sword. However, she appears only once in the game in a blooper reel that plays in the game's credits. She's shown as one of the auditioning characters, before she gets impaled with her own spear by Thrax while pole dancing to Arruntius. She also appears as a Steam collectible card, that can be obtained by playing Gladiator: Sword of Vengeance

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  • The gladiatrices' hairstyle resembles Yukie Utsumi from Battle Royale's manga
  • An old concept art shows that the gladiatrix was going to have a short hair and was going to use a dagger in addition of her spear

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Gladiatrx handstand
Gladiatrix TPoseFront
Gladiatrix TPoseBack
Gladiatrix dance
Gladiatrix old
Gladiatrix encounter
Thrax vs gladiatrix
Gladiatrix slashed
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