Edna Crocker

The evil Edna Crocker

Edna Crocker (Lisa Banes) is the main villainess from "Forget Me Not," episode 1.09 of Psych (airdate January 19, 2007).

Edna Crocker (née DeSoto) is the wife of Mort Crocker, the founder of Mort's Family Restaurant chain. 20 years before the episode's events, Mort engaged in an affair with his assistant, Zoe Sharp, which resulted in the birth of their love child, Mike McMillan. After finding out about the affair, and fearing that Zoe would end up receiving half of the Crocker fortune, Edna killed Zoe and colluded with her brother, zoo ranger John DeSoto, to get rid of the body, which was devoured by a mountain lion.

In the events, Mike McMillan (who was only a baby when Zoe was killed) figured out that Mort was his biological father, and he visited the Crocker home looking to talk to Mort, only to find Edna instead. After luring Mike to the greenhouse, the evil Edna killed Mike, and (in the same fashion as Zoe's murder) had John dispose of the body at the zoo, with a mountain lion devouring Mike's body. It was at the same greenhouse that Edna as revealed as a double murderess by Shawn, and he pinpointed that a camera inside the bird feeder would capture Mike visiting the home on the day he was killed. After the reveal, Edna defended her villainous actions and claimed that she was trying to protect everything they worked hard for, and that she was preventing Mort from giving Zoe and Mike half of the fortune. Under the orders of retired police captain Brett Connors (who had finally solved the case after 20 years), Edna was arrested for the murders.

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  • "(Mort: "Please, Edna, tell me you didn't.") What was I supposed to do? Someone had to protect everything we've worked so hard for! You would have given him half of everything! Just like you would've his mother." (Edna Crocker revealing herself as Zoe Sharp and Mike McMillan's killer)
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