[1]Duchess von Dominax is the main villainess from the comic book "Captives Of The Pirates' Island", published as a comic book in French as "Captives De L'île Aux Pirates".

She wants to take over the throne of Boundaria, and thus proceeds to the kidnapping and tortuting of her rival, Princess Irina. After the failing of her initial plan, and her capture by Boundarian spy Livia Barlow, the duchess escapes, and devises other evil shemes. Princess irina is captured by pirates and taken to skull island, where the duchess is waiting for her revenge. She has the princess whipped and locked, but, once again, Livia Barlow comes to save the day. The duchess allies herself to the Slavenians, boundaria's sworn enemy. After several ups and downs, she finally takes refuge on a remote castle, under the false identity of countess Nadia.

In the end, she is betrayed by her nephew, who has her publicly executed.

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