Youko Takagi 1 - AD Police
Dr. Youko Takagi (タカギ・ヨーコ) is a secondary antagonist in "The Man Who Bites His Tongue" (舌を噛む男), the third episode of the 1990 OAV action drama "Another Story of BubbleGum Crisis: A.D. Police".

After Billy Fanword, a police captain, is mortally wounded, Dr. Takagi harvests his brain and tongue and transplants into an experimental battle cyborg body, which is then sent back out on dangerous law enforcement missions. While behind closed doors, however, Takagi forces herself on him sexually, having become attracted to her genius creation. When Billy's crimefighting abilities begin to suffer, Takagi increases his dosage of DA-27, an illegal drug.

Tagaki appears to show concern for Billy's health and safety in a couple of scenes, however, she eventually reveals that she is only interested in keeping him that way until the next science conference, where she plans to showcase him as her achievement. Once that moment has come and gone, however, she intends to have him "killed in the line of duty". Billy overhears this discussion, and the next time that the doctor comes to rape him, he murders her by crushing her skull with his robotic hand.

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Youko Takagi 3 - AD Police
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