Dr. Toma's Henchwomen are a goup of evil babes from the episode The Bad Seed (S01 E12) of the series Team Knight Rider.

In the beginning, 5 of the Henchwomen were next to a street with their pickup truck, pretending to have a vehicel damage. They only wear bikinis to attract the 2 drivers of a security vehicel. They flirt with the security men and knock them out to a deadly virus from the vehicel. It is revealed later that they work for Dr. Troma, a scientist who has a Carribean island with 100 beautiful young women and plans to kill the rest of earths population with the virus. Most of the women on the island don't know anything about that, they were just invited for holidays. About 20 of the women are the henchwomen of Dr. Troma. Some wear security clothes and some (including the 5 from the beginning) wear pilot clothes. All the non henchwomen on the island wear bikinis. When Duke, Trek and Jenny from Team Kningt Rider enter the island, they convince some of the non henchwomen to help them. They first defeat the pilot wearing henchwomen who were send to spread the virus around the world and then all the good girls fight agains the guard uniform wearing henchwomen. All evil babes were knocked out. One of the pilots was able to escape and tries to put the virus into the Mississippi, but Erica from TKR stops her and knocks her out.

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