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Dr. Marianne Thorne (Jamie Rose) was the main villainess from 2007's Primal Doubt (alternately titled Personal Indiscretions).

Backstory and Events

Dr. Marianne Thorne was the therapist for Jean Harper, but she was previously the therapist for a woman named Amanda Freeman, who was believed to have committed suicide five years prior. In actuality, Marianne killed Amanda, and years later, killed Amanda's husband, Travis, after learning from her sessions with Jean that she was having an online affair with him. During the investigation, Marianne also attempted to kill Jean's husband Chase by trying to run his car off the road. After her last session with Jean, Marianne appeared in the home of Jean's best friend, Holly, and stabbed her to death.

Reveal and Death

Marianne Thorne beginning her official heel turn

In the film's climax, Marianne entered Jean's home as a masked villainess in an all-black outfit, and killed Jean's housekeeper Carla with a kitchen knife. After killing Carla, Marianne revealed her true heel persona to Jean after she discovered Carla's body, brandishing her knife at Jean with intent to kill her. Regarding her motive, Marianne ranted that she was tired of hearing privileged women complain about their insignificant problems and wanted to show them what real suffering was, and she had that same intent for Jean.

After her narcissistic, villainous rant, the evil Marianne lunged after Jean and attempted to kill her, but Chase entered and knocked her out, denouncing her as a "crazy bitch". Marianne later awakened and stabbed Chase, mindlessly attempting to kill him, but in her rage and arrogance, she failed to notice the police bursting in until the police shoot her straight in the heart. A shocked Marianne had enough time to realize that she herself is about to know what real suffering is, and ultimately experienced it by falling to the ground and dying of her wound.


  • "You know what's funny? You and Amanda are exactly the same! Oh poor me, poor me, I'm so pretty! I'm so successful! I'm so damn bored I can hardly drag myself out of bed in the morning!" (Marianne revealing her resentment for Amanda and Jean)
  • "She came to me because she liked the sound of her own voice. I've seen depression, Jean. I've seen it and I've felt it. And let me tell you, worrying about the new Mercedes S-Class or buying the wrong wine for a dinner party, that's not depression. That's narcissism, plain and simple! You all come to me because for the bargain price of $300 an hour, you can drone on and on about all the drivel that your husbands won't put up with. YOU NEVER SHUT UP! Like with Amanda! She never made any real progress! There was only one option!" (Marianne's rant against her patients and admission to killing Amanda)