Dr. Maddy Larson

The evil Dr. Maddy Larson

Dr. Maddy Larson (Melinda Page Hamilton) is the hidden villainess of "Astroburger", episode 1.11 of iZombie (airdate May 26, 2015). She was the head psychiatrist of Blooming Grove Mental Hospital and the illicit lover of patient Scott "Scott E" Eberhard, who had been committed after witnessing the Lake Washington massacre. Scott was later on implied to have been scared of his villainous therapist, evidenced by his delusions about his encounters with "The Devil". Their affair was witnessed by a hospital orderly, and Larson gave him medication (the man having a history of stealing patients' personal effects and selling them) in exchange for his silence.

But later on, Dr. Larson became pregnant with Scott's child and Scott panicked. When Scott threatened to reveal their secret relationship if she didn't have an abortion, the evil Larson decided to kill Scott both to protect her career and avoid having to terminate her pregnancy. She went about it by knocking Scott out with Amitriptyline before cutting his wrists and placing him in the bathtub of his room. But her plan to stage her lover's death as a suicide failed by her unknowingly giving Scott a fatal dosage of the drug.

Dr. Larson was revealed as Scott's killer when Liv and Clive questioned the orderly she bribed, who confessed to witnessing the doctor and Scott having sex (which Liv also witnessed through a vision after eating Scott's brain). Liv and Clive confronted the doctor in her office, and she at first adamantly denied her affair and having any role in Scott's death. But once Liv and Clive confronted her with the evidence against her, along with the fact that her university mascot "The Blue Demon" correlated with Scott's delusions, Dr. Larson confessed, stating it was either Scott or her baby. Dr. Larson was then arrested for murdering Scott.

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  • "Scott told me if I didn't abort the baby, he would tell everyone everything. It was Scott or the baby." (Dr. Maddy Larson revealing her motive for killing her illicit lover, Scott E)
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