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Dr. Klein (Dr.クライン) is one of the many secondary antagonists in the 2013 action film "009ノ1: The End of the Beginning". She was played by actress Aya Sugimoto.

Years prior, Dr. Klein was responsible for creating the 009 program, which transformed protagonist Mylene Hoffmann into a cyborg. All of the other children subjected to the program died and were deemed failures. With no clear memory of these dark acts, Mylene grew up believing the doctor to be a "mother" figure to her.

Cut to the present, Klein has been captured by the Eastern Bloc and Mylene - now a powerfully skilled secret agent - has been sent to rescue her. Upon realizing that their nation has abandoned them, the three kidnappers attempt suicide, only to be stopped by Mylene who does not wish to see life wasted. Nevertheless, Dr. Klein picks up on the heroine's hesitance and shoots the three girls dead.

Near the climax of the film, Mylene discovers that her childhood friend, Paul, has been the mastermind behind many of the villainous elements in the film and that Dr. Klein has actually been his ally this whole time. It is here that the heroine learns the truth of Klein's actions from long ago, but the doctor declares that she has now developed something far superior to cyborgs: undead mutants.

A swarm of walking corpses - consumed with suffering and agony - are unleashed into the room. Mylene is horrified to see that among them is her close friend Cherise. Klein laughs evilly as the heroine is about to be killed by her experiments, but the joke is soon on her, as Paul - annoyed with her sadistic gloating - presses a button on a small, handheld device which causes the zombies to turn around and attack the doctor instead. Dr. Klein then meets a graphic end as she is eaten alive.

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