Dr. Jane Harrington

Villainous scientist Jane Harrington

Dr. Jane Harrington (Anna Galvin) is the villainess from "Duck, Duck Goose," episode 2.05 of Eureka (airdate August 7, 2007). She was in charge of security at Global Dynamics, and is the mother of Megan Harrington.

Jane's first encounter with Sheriff Jack Carter came when Carter was suddenly magnetized on the floor, with Jane revealing that she installed a new security field that was designed to capture intruders, and Carter was caught because he wasn't part of GD's files. As the episode later revealed, however, Jane in a desperate search of a power source for her new system, as she was in danger of losing her funding if it fell through. Jane resorted to stealing Megan's science project--a solar beam array--and using it as the power source for her security field.

To make sure it worked, the evil Jane shot a beam through an electro-magnetic security umbrella, and while her actions resulted in success for her system, it also caused large bits of space junk to fall and crash down on Eureka. In addition, Jim Taggart's mechanical geese slammed on the roof of GD, after which Carter attended the school's science fair sensing that something magnetic was causing it, and it was cooked up at the fair. At the fair, Zoe Carter (Jack's daughter) sabotaged Megan's project as payback by causing it to act as a magnet, but despite this, it was not the cause of the falling debris. Carter later noticed that Megan's invention resembled something he saw at GD, leading to a belief that Megan illegally used GD material to win the fair. She was reminded that Jane used this to power her security system, only for Megan to not only reveal that she invented it, but that Jane was her mother.

This led Carter and Allison Blake to the conclusion that Jane stole her daughter's project to power her system, with the duo confronting Jane regarding her actions. Jane stated that she did what she did because she was desperate and didn't want to lose funding, while adding that she did it for Megan, as she loved living in Eureka. In response to Allison's order to turn off the beam, Jane stated that she did so already after the geese fell, and the debris was already in the atmosphere, but Zoe was later able to prevent further disaster by modifying the power source to send the junk into another trajectory. As for Jane, her clearance with GD was suspended by Allison.

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