Hell hole
Dr. Fletcher
(Mary Woronov) is the main antagonist of the 1985 thriller film "Hellhole".

Dr. Fletcher runs a mental institution for women. When an inmate gets out of line, she takes them down below to perform horrible experiments on them. Though "on the record" she defends it by saying that they'll be able to achieve scientific breakthroughs that can help mankind, her true purpose is to receive sexual satisfaction from it; a fact that she doesn't deny when brought up by her reluctant assistant. All girls who she experiments on die and then become zombified. Dr. Fletcher, herself, succumbs to this fate in the film's climax when her undead victims get their revenge. 

Trivia  Edit

  • Mary Wornov appeared as Clavell in the 1984 episode "The Dog Who Knew Too Much" for the TV series "Hart To Hart".

Gallery Edit

Dr. Fletcher 1 Hellhole

With her assistant, who grows more uncomfortable by the day with her methods...

Dr. Fletcher 2 Hellhole

...Fletcher chooses her next guinea pig.

Dr. Fletcher 3 Hellhole

Another fatal failure, but the doctor takes it quite well.

Dr. Fletcher 4 Hellhole

Laughing from the fact that she outwitted a nosy investigator.

Dr. Fletcher 5 Hellhole

Getting cozy with another patient.

Dr. Fletcher 7 Hellhole

Grabbing a large shard of glass...

Dr. Fletcher 6 Hellhole

...she slits the throat of her traitorous assistant.

Dr. Fletcher 8 Hellhole

Poetic justice served.

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