Dr. Bittersweet (Betty Jean Ward) is the villain of "Passion Patties", an episode from the French Canadian TV show, Totally Spies.

Dr. Bittersweet is an evil cookie maker from Switzerland. When she was younger, she was part of a girl guide type program known as the Happy Girls. The cookies that the Happy Girls delivered tasted so good, that Dr. Bittersweet would not stop eating them.

She was basically fired from the Happy Girls, and she was furious. She swore she would have vengeance one day. When Sam, Alex and Clover saw everyone in Beverly Hills was hooked on the cookies, they went to Switzerland to find out who was behind it all.

Turns out, Dr. Bittersweet was behind it, and she kidnapped the girls, trying to force feed them until they became fat. She planned to make everyone obsessed with the cookies, and then make them eat enough cookies that they would all become very heavy. Clover keeps eating them and becomes fat.

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