Dr. Audrey Shelton

The evil Dr. Audrey Shelton

Dr. Audrey Shelton (Noelle Beck) is the villainess of "Bang", episode 12.22 of Law & Order: SVU (airdate May 4, 2011). She was a therapist who began her career as a domestic violence counselor in Buffalo, with Audrey citing that her mother's career as a therapist and her sister's previous abusive relationship most likely influenced her career path.

She was brought in by SVU Detective Olivia Benson to assist in the case of Ken Turner, a serial reproductive abuser who had coerced numerous women into having children. Audrey worked alongside the detectives, giving expertise and even directly confronting Ken after the detectives arranged for his known lovers to assemble at the SVU precinct.

Later on, Audrey received a phone call from Ken, inviting her to the home of his fiancee Dede Aston for a "date". Rather than turn down the villainous seducer, however, Audrey decided to use the opportunity to kill Ken. After arriving at the house and being taken out to the garden by Ken, Audrey excused herself to go to the bathroom and retrieved a knife from the house that belonged to Dede. Audrey then used the knife to attack Ken, intending to castrate him. But unbeknownst to Audrey, the knife she had taken was a wasp injection knife, which was equipped with a canister that shot a compressed ball of CO2 into whatever was being stabbed, and Audrey's assault led to Ken's grisly death. Dede was brought in as a suspect, but was cleared when Ken's scorned lovers revealed that they had all been at a restaurant together to talk about Ken's callous actions. When Benson and Detective Elliot Stabler realized that Audrey was missing from the group, and it was revealed that Audrey disappeared from the meeting after taking a phone call, the two detectives went to Audrey's apartment to confront her.

There, the detectives found the villainess calmly sipping a glass of wine while holding the bloodied knife she used to kill Ken, telling the detectives that she had anticipated on them uncovering her secret. Stabler also revealed how they had uncovered Audrey's past crime in Buffalo, having attacked a pedophile with a baseball bat. Audrey confessed, boasting of how the media had labelled her a "local hero" after the incident and the DA had declined to prosecute. Audrey went on to confess fully to murdering Ken, defending her actions by saying that she had prevented him from destroying other women's lives and cackling lightly after describing her surprise at the effects the wasp knife had on Ken. Benson announced that they had to place her under arrest, and a content Audrey asked to have a few more sips of wine before going.

Trivia Edit

  • Noelle Beck later appeared on Elementary as the evil Peri Delancey.


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