Dr. Amanda Pierce

Villainous therapist/conspirator Amanda Pierce

Dr. Amanda Pierce (Michelle Martin) is a hidden minor villainess of the 2019 Lifetime film A Mother on the Edge (alternately titled Woman on the Brink; airdate May 3, 2019). She was introduced as the therapist for Blair Ayken (the film's main protagonist).

Dr. Pierce's first appearance came after Blair's search for Lori at her school was met with a shocking response from her ex-husband, Simon: he stated that she was "killed" in a car accident that took place months prior. When Blair went to Amanda, she "confirmed" his claims, which the protagonist repeatedly denied. As it turned out, Lori was actually abducted, with Harriet Kincaid masterminding the crime as part of her efforts to destroy Blair's credibility after she sued her; this came after the former stole the latter's code for a new game. The other people involved in the scheme were Eloise McReedy/Eliza Duncan, David, and Simon Ayden (Blair's ex-husband and Harriet's boyfriend).

Pierce's role had the sinister therapist being paid to falsely inform Blair that Lori perished months ago, and to paint her patient as an unstable woman who refused to accept her daughter's death and also refused to take responsibility in the accident that "killed" Lori. After Blair was taken into custody for attacking Simon and beating a confession out of him, the evil Amanda encountered the protagonist and threatened her into accepting Lori's "death," stating that she would further discredit her in the lawsuit if she didn't. With this, Pierce cryptically revealed herself as a villainess, and afterwards, Blair apparently started crying over the loss of her daughter, with the former expressing pride in the latter accepting the "truth." Blair asked Amanda for a tissue, using it as a distraction to knock out the conspirator by smashing her head on the table before escaping. While Pierce's fate wasn't officially revealed, it can be assumed that she was arrested offscreen for her alignment with Harriet.

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