Dottie the evil clown

Dottie is a villainess from the animated series Batman Beyond. She appears in the episodes:

  • Rebirth: Part 1
  • Golem
  • Joyride
  • Once Burned
  • Curse Of The Kobra: Part 1

She is a street punk who is a member of the Jokerz gang, a group inspired by the legendary Joker, who roam the futuristic streets of Gotham City. She and the rest of her crew cause all kinds of chaos for the good citizens of Gotham, some is mere mischief, some can be downright cruel and malicious.

Dressed in a pink polka dot minidress, she is often seen riding her bike with her deadly weapon in hand; a rubber chicken with deadly spikes sticking out of it, which she uses to beat people with.


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