Doris Nichols

Murderous and deceased criminal Doris Nichols

Doris Nichols was the hidden secondary villainess of "True North," episode 9.09 of Law & Order (airdate December 9, 1998). She was a friend and the accomplice of Stephanie Harker.

Stephanie was facing the end of her marriage to multimillionaire chairman Ronald Harker, as he correctly saw his second wife as nothing more than a gold digger. She confided in Doris regarding the divorce, leading to the latter being enlisted by the former to kill not only Ronald, but her stepdaughter Caitlin as well. After being promised a $50,000 payment from Stephanie, the evil Doris entered the Harker apartment and shot Ronald in his chest twice before firing a single bullet into Caitilin's chest. The villainess later met with her friend in a car, only to be shot once in her chest and also in her back by Stephanie, who wanted to cover her tracks.

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