Dora Umbright

Evil judge Dora Umbright

Dora Umbright is a recurring villainess from Criminal Case: Mysteries of the Past. She was a judge who assumed the position in the Criminal Court of Concordia following the murder of Judge Satoshi Takakura, being given the position by corrupt Mayor Justin Lawson. Over the course of her employment, Dora was established as a callous and rigid woman, sharing Lawson's warped sense of justice and giving out harsh sentences to the criminals in her court (as shown in her sentencing of sympathetic killer Adelia Baldwin).

In the final case of Mysteries of the Past, "Last Stand for Justice", Dora arrived at the home of Lady Minerva Highmore for a visit as the player and Maddie O'Malley were there with Maddie's infant son, George. Knowing they would be arrested if they were found by Dora for having broken the Flying Squad out of jail, Maddie and the player hid in the war room that Minerva had been using to house the resistance against Mayor Lawson. While her visit initially appeared casual, it was later discovered that the evil Dora had kidnapped George, doing so as a ploy to capture the Flying Squad.

Later on, Dora sent a message to the Flying Squad, telling them she would release George if they surrendered into her custody at Smokey's Cafe. Eventually, the Squad devised a plan to take down Dora to get George back and avoid being arrested by Lawson, with Rose Zhao equipping George's rattle to emit an electrical charge that would incapacitate Dora. When the group went to meet Dora, Rose attempted to convince her of Lawson's corruption and how he had to be stopped, only for the villainess to continue to praise Lawson for (in her twisted perspective) bringing justice to Concordia before forcing the squad to put on shackles she'd brought. Dora also deemed the team as "criminals" when Maddie blasted her for abducting her son and admitted that she was wanting to apprehend the squad to prove herself valuable to Lawson. Before Dora could apprehend the team, however, Rose asked her if she could give the rattle to George, with Dora taking the rattle herself to inspect it. As planned, the electrical charge knocked Dora out, allowing the Flying Squad to handcuff and arrest her.


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