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Dora (Fem Belling) is a minor antagonist in the 2001 slapstick comedy film "Mr. Bones". Dora is a henchwoman and helicopter pilot for Zach Devlin (Robert Whitehead), a casino owner.  Devilin is looking for a Vince Lee (David Ramsey) to compete so he can capture his winnings.  However, they mistake this Vince Lee for someone who is a rap star singer, and in actuality, he is the tribal king's son. At the same time, Mr. Bones (Leon Schuster), a medicine-man of a South African tribe is trying to find Vince for his father.  Mr. Bones had been lost in Africa at a young age, and had been adopted by the king.  The king had no son and desperately needed one.  Mr. Bones was being sent to the sun city to bring home the king's son that the oracle showed existed.  Vince has become a professional golfer and does not understand the fact that he is about to become the next chief.


Since this is a slapstick comedy, Dora is humiliated many times.  In the first instance, she is barking orders at her fellow henchmen.  However, she doesn't know it there is an elephant behind her that has just raised it's tail.  When she turns around, the elephant relieves himself and she is plastered with poop.  She falls forward and lands face first into the crotch of her fellow henchmen.  The second instance, a monkey jumps out of a tree onto her head.  One of the other goons, is about to shoot the monkey, but Dora tells him no.  Instead he hits her over the head with the butt end of the rifle, and Dora is knocked out.

At the end of the movie, Dora attacks the African village where Lee has taken refuge, but their attack fails. Mr. Bones calls an elephant to help. The elephant grabs hold of a cable from the helicopter in which Dora is piloting.  The tension sends her boss and a henchman flying to their deaths. Dora however, is taken for a little longer ride as the elephant swings her around again and again until she, too, plumments to her death.

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