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Dominique played by the actress Jocelyn Lane, was the evil sidekick to the Marquis Philippe de La Mar (John Van Drexlen) in the 1966 episode "The Night of the Water Death" in the TV series, "The Wild Wild West".

Dominique begins the movie by showing up behind the bar in a saloon with a mermaid costume on. She shoots Jim West (Robert Conrad) in the neck with a dart from a shell, which puts him to sleep. When he awakens, he is on a ship, "Lady Luck", with Jocelyn, who is now in a lovely pink dress. A dragon appears that blows up the ship, sending West overboard.

Dominique's boss, the Marquis, intends to blow up the U.S. Navy and establish his own ocean-based country in the Pacific. Dominique's compact she uses for her makeup is the homing device for the dragon torpedoes.

She next appears in West's bedroom wearing a gold and orange vest over a white blouse and black pants. Dominique talks about her boss' plans to rule the world.

Next we see Dominique show up at the Admiral's office wearing a long pink dress and hat. She gives the officer false information so that the fleet moves the wrong way. She uses an onion under a handkerchief, which allows her to cry at opportune times and make her story believable.

Later she holds a gun to the officer and Gordon, keeping them contained on a boat in a cabin. She waits until she sees that dragon bomb coming toward the ship, and makes her getaway. After she leaves, Gordon finds the compact and smashes it on the ground.

West later reads that Dominique and the Marquis were captured along with the rest of their crew and taken to prison.


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