Dominatrix Vendetta

The evil dominatrix

These Dominatrix enemies appear in the arcade game Vendetta aka Crime Fighters 2 (クライムファイターズ2).

The evil blonde dominatrixes have three forms of attack, two that involve their whip. The first whip attack is her simply whipping the hero, the second whip attack involves her wrapping her whip around the hero's stomach and pulling on it, making it hard for him to breathe.

Her third attack involves her stomping on the hero when he is lying on the ground. She will walk over to him and stomp on him, causing damage, she will then grind her high heels into him.

When the hero's life has been lost and he is defeated and lying on the floor, the wicked dominatrix will also grind her heels in to him. As you are already defeated this will not damage you and is done more as an act of humiliation or triumph.


This game is a sequel to the 1989 game Crime Fighters, which also has an evil dominatrix enemy.


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