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Dominatrix (Kym Marsh) is an unamed henchwoman in the 1996 action film "Lowball".  At the time, Kym Marsh was known as Kim Ryder, an English actress and singer, and then became Kym Lomas.

The nameless Dominatrix is a henchwoman for Bryce (Jack Mulcahy) a druglord.

Paula (Amber Smith) is kidnapped and taken to a warehouse, where she is tied up.  While tied up, her brother John (Peter Grimes), a NYC cop, is called and told that she will be killed in 48 hours unless he does a job for him.  The Dominatrix is then seen injecting drugs into her arms, which causes her to go insane.

The Dominatrix then ties Paula up to a metal frame with leather straps and whips her and licks her face.  When John's partner Eddie (Erik Schrody) is captured, he is also tied up to the metal frame and she injects him as well.

When John arrives at the warehouse, he shoots the Dominatrix and the drug lord, but not before his partner is shot.  The last we see of the Dominatrix is her lying dead on the floor, and Paula, who is still in a drug crazed state, crawling over the top of her.


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