The evil Dolores Taft

Dolores Taft (Daina Leitold) was a villainess from "Think of the Children", episode 1.18 of The Pinkertons (airdate April 25, 2015). She was the adminstrator of the Hufnagle Endowment, a children's charity owned by Phineas Hufnagle. The episode began with Dolores working with fellow Hufnagle associate Audrey Bismark to prepare for a charity gala, during which time Dolores showed herself to be a boastful and arrogant woman when instructing Audrey on how to make the seating arrangements.

Later that night, after she had retired for the night, Dolores was found dead in her bedroom by Annalee Webb, her throat having been cut. As William Pinkerton and Kate Warne went undercover to investigate Dolores' death, Dolores was revealed to have been a greedy thief in life, having been stealing money from the charity. She was also revealed to have a hidden connection to Freddie Sikes, a supposed orphan who was fundraising for the charity: he was Dolores' son, who she used in order to secure more ill-gotten money.

Prior to the episode's events, however, the evil Dolores told Freddie that he was now "too old" to earn enough money and that she was planning to find another young boy to use for the fundraiser and send Freddie to an orphanage. When Freddie angrily proclaimed he hated his callous mother, Dolores began to beat Freddie, which Freddie revealed in the present events was a frequent occurrence. Acting in self-defense, Freddie attacked his abusive mother with one of his ice skates, cutting her throat and killing her. Dolores' posthumous villainous reveal came after Freddie used some of her stolen money to buy Kate (who he had been bonding with) a necklace, with Kate later discovering the stolen money hidden in the lining of Dolores' clothing. She and William also learned that Dolores was Freddie's mother from a locket containing her and Freddie's pictures, leading Freddie to reveal his mother as an abusive thief that he killed in self-defense.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • With The Pinkertons ending after one season, Dolores serves as the series' final villainess.

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