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Dolly (Donna Michelle) is a supporting antagonist in the 1966 episode ‘Barbary Red’ for the TV series ‘The Big Valley’.

Dolly is the secondary saloon girl under Barbary Red (Jill St. John) and one of the rogues who capture Nick Barkley.

At the beginning of the episode the beautiful Dolly approaches Nick and asks him to buy a drink for her. Nick then sees Barbary Red and walks over to her. Dolly gets the drug and puts it in The alcohol. Dolly and some other evil hookers take Nick into a room where they drug him and knock him out.

Dolly is also seen walking around seductively when Jarrod comes in to see Barbary.  She is joined by three additional nameless Saloon Girls who all have jobs to do in this operation.

Later, Dolly is seen again when Heath comes in intentionally trying to get shanghaied. Dolly flirts with him seductively and then alerts Barbary, Who recognises him. Barbary, with a (thankfully) temporary change of heart, tries to get Heath to be rescued, knocking him into Dolly when she brings him the drink. However, Barbary stops and Dolly is able to drug him.

It is unknown if she is arrested later on.


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