Sadistic killer Dollface

Dollface (Rachel Lynn David) is the villainess of "Lullaby", a short horror film released by Cowmaster Studios (release date September 13, 2014). The film opened with Dollface playing a cassette tape marked "Lullaby", which was later revealed to be the song "Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes". As the song played, Dollface danced and sang along happily.

But suddenly, Dollface's lyrics turned dark as the film revealed her true nature as a sadistic killer. As she continued her macabre song, Dollface was shown standing before a man she had bound and gagged to a chair, asking him if he wanted to "play" with her.

The evil Dollface proceeded to torture her victim through various methods, including: cutting his tongue out with scissors and slashing his face with them, punching him in the face until his nose was broken, smashing his toes with a wrench, and slashing his thighs with a box cutter, all while gleefully laughing at her sadistic "game". Eventually, Dollface killed her helpless victim by gouging his eyes with her fingers, and the video ended with Dollface finishing off her song before moving towards the camera, stating that she now had "more friends to play with" (in reference to the viewer).

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Lullaby (2014) - Short Horror Film

Lullaby (2014) - Short Horror Film

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