Doll Maker

The psychotic Doll Maker

The Doll Maker is the titular villainess of the 15-second horror film, The Doll Maker (released in 2016). The film opened with the nameless blonde woman (wearing an old-fashioned dress and with her hair in pigtails) sitting down at a set table outside to have a sip of tea, a doll on the table beside her.

Shortly afterwards, the woman walks over to the other end of the table with a knife--where she now had a young girl with her wrists tied to the arms of her chair, having presumably abducted the girl to attend her "party". After forcing the girl to drink from a cup, the deranged villainess sits back down and drinks from her cup as the girl transforms into a doll; likely a result of drinking the doll maker's concoction. The film ends with the evil Doll Maker smiling at her sinister handiwork, while the girl can suddenly be heard crying in her new form.


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The Doll Maker

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