Disguised Robber

The villainous Disguised Robber

The unnamed Disguised Robber is the villainess from a Levi's commercial released in the United Kingdom in 1995.

The ad begins with the villainess driving to a service station and entering a bathroom, encountering a blind man while doing so. The woman later removes her wig, sunglasses, and her clothes and changed into a shirt and jeans, while also washing her makeup off her face. She placed her disguise in her duffel bag, which is revealed to contained stacks of money, confirming that she committed a robbery.

The now-brunette villainess seductively walked towards the blind man and buttoned her jeans, only to hear another occupant flush a toilet. The commercial ends with the villainess leaving the bathroom and continuing to go on the run.


Criminal woman strips Levi's ad

Criminal woman strips Levi's ad.

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