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Dirty Cherry (ダーティーチェリー) is minor villainess in the manga "Mad Bull 34". Appears in the 13th chapter of the manga (volume number varies depending on the collection).

She is a hit-woman who disguises herself as a hooker. She lures protagonist, Sleepy John, back to her place for a sexual encounter. Upon leaving afterwards, Sleepy places his hand on her handrailing, which conceals razor blades coated with ammonium flouride, and cuts the palm of his glove (just barely missing his skin). Cherry then busts through the bedroom door with a gun and prepares to fire, but before she can, Sleepy, tosses a knife and stabs her through her wrist. Surprised, Cherry grabs the handrailing to keep her balance, but slices her hand on the razor blades in the process. She then tumbles over the railing and dies.

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