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Diana Stride (Raquel Welch) is a villainess in the 1995 episode "Top Copy" for the TV series "Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman".

She was a television news reporter for Top Copy but also an assassin for the criminal organisation known as Intergang who wanted to expose Superman's identity on national television.

Diana first attempts to pretend that someone is trying to kill her to be saved by Superman (Dean Cain). When he saves her she flirts with him and rubs his neck, while actually embedding a tracking device on him. Once he finds out about her plan, he burns the tracker with his heat vision. Later that night, Diana's old intergang boss tells her that her former partner is going to expose her. She then attempts to kill him, but then finds out that Superman is protecting him. She then decides she must kill him. She invites Superman to dinner at her house, at which she plans to seduce him. She has the lights dimmed, romantic music playing, candles, and wears a tight and sexy black dress. He tells her that he knows about her trying to expose him, and she begins pretending to cry, while actually putting on kryptonite lipstick. She kisses him and he leaves her apartment in pain.
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The next day, she goes to his apartment and sees him changing into his Superman suit before going to the hospital, but then realizes that her cameraman, Rolf (Wayne Pere), forgot to put batteries in the camera, therefore, they didn't get the evidence on tape. After Lois takes Superman to the hospital, Diana and Rolf find the section in his closet where he hides his suits and film it.

At one point in the episode, Diana is seen blowing up a warehouse.  We then see her take the clothes of an unsuspecting police woman.  She uses this new disguise to infiltrate a hospital and plant another bomb.  She then slips out of the police officer uniform, exposing a short skirted nurses outfit.  However, Lois (Teri Hatcher) engages Diana in a catfight and sends her flying over a bed.  We then see Diana reach for a knife from her garter belt and throw it at Lois.  Lois is able to block it with a meal tray, and Diana jumps to safety from the hospital window.

She gets outsmarted during the episode. Including superman smoking a device in her face.  Diana is finally taken away by superman and handed over to the cops.

She was also one of the few villains to survive knowing Superman's true identity.


  • Raquel Welch appeared as Lillian Lust in the 1967 satirical comedy movie ‘Bedazzled‘.
  • Raquel Welch appeared as the Priestess of the Whip in the 1969 British satirical comedy film "The Magic Christian".
  • Raquel Welch appeared as the evil Captain Nirvana in the 1979 episode "Mork vs The Necrotons" for the TV series Mork & Mindy.
  • Raquel Welch appeared as a villainess in the 1997 episode "The Summer of George" for the TV series Seinfeld.
  • Raquel Welch appeared as the villainous Vina Navarro on CSI: Miami.


Bad Girl Diana Stride

Bad Girl Diana Stride

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