Debra Scott

The villainous Diana Scott

Diana Scott (Cyia Batten) is the secondary villainess of "Hubris", episode 6.07 of Crossing Jordan (airdate March 7, 2007). She was the wife of Ken Scott, a serial killer who was tormenting M.E. Nigel Townsend with his crimes by sending him videos and taunting messages on the blog he ran about his morgue work, under the username "The Hangman". As revealed over the course of the episode, Diana assisted her psychotic husband in his crimes, helping him stalk and kidnap his victims before holding them captive in a remote house, where he would repeatedly torture them before strangling them to death.

After finding three of Ken's victims hung in the forest, Nigel and detective Woody Hoyt realized that his anonymous messages on the former's blog and worked to save his latest pair of victims (revealed to be couple David and Theresa Getty) from being killed at 10:15 that night, as Ken stated through hacking into Nigel's blog that that would be their time of death. After tracking Ken down through his posts to Nigel's blog and bringing him in for questioning, Woody also brought Diana into the station for questioning, where she proclaimed that Ken was innocent and feigned ignorance of her husband's true nature.

The team was initially tipped off that Ken had an accomplice when the recently deceased body of David Getty was found dead at the Salmon Arms Horse Farm and Nigel received another message from "The Hangman", despite Ken being in police custody at the time. Diana was definitively exposed as Ken's conspirator when an eyelash coated in mascara was found in David's neck wound.  

After Ken's lawyer got him released, he went back home to Diana and prepared to kill Theresa, gagging her and tying her to a chair as Diana recorded her to show Nigel (having earlier revealed that she was currently still alive). To allow the police to track down the nefarious Scotts, Nigel played into Ken's game and deduced how he and Diana had committed their murders. Eventually, the police were able to find the Scotts' location and stormed the house, pinning Diana to the ground and shooting Ken (non-fatally) as he attempted to strangle Theresa to death. Diana and her husband were then placed under arrest, and it was later revealed that the evil Scotts had committed a grand total of twenty-seven murders, having begun their sadistic spree before arriving in Boston.



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